Radiant Meditation
By Shayli Vere

The Complete Radiant Meditation 'Do Your Egg' Course

Why Meditate? To clear your issues, free your heart, creativity and inner spirit...just to start. Great with Ganja!

What you'll learn

  • You will learn basic meditation techniques and how to support your practice.

  • You will learn how to use meditation in your daily life to release stress and free those chakra blockages

  • Learn meditations to help free your creative expression

  • By the end of the course you will know how to clear, charge and release energy from chakras.

  • You will learn how to comfort your inner child

  • You will learn how to properly ground the body to earth core

  • You will connect to your inner power and flow

  • You will learn about the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus, Heart, Higher Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown Chakras

  • You will learn about yourself

  • You will learn to release anxiety instead of store anxiety.

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  • comfortable spot and clothes

  • no meditation experience required​

Join instructor, Shayli Vere, on her quest to assist the modern world with its stress load by teaching others how to clear their energetic bodies with Radiant Meditation Techniques. Radiant Meditation techniques are based on centuries old knowledge and teachings for the energetic bodies and chakra system, but  Vere has added a Theta Soundtrack and Focused Fast modern meditation techniques, and Tech Friendly, in a format that we can easily adapt to our busy lives.  The Complete Do Your Egg Meditation Series is a chakra based meditation series under her Radiant Meditation Structures. The 'Egg' is referring to the body's auric fields, that if healthy radiate like an egg or bubble surrounding the physical body.  'Do Your Egg' is referring to the meditation techniques and the process of clearing your Auric Fields,  and energetic clusters we call Chakras, through Shayli's guided meditation techniques.

In 'The Complete Do Your Egg Radiant Meditation Series' you will be learning how to clear your emotional, physical, and energetic body, by chakra. You will learn how to practice these techniques on the spot, while you are going through your life and day, not once a week for 90 minutes at some yoga gym or rec center. These meditations are downloadable and Tech Friendly, again helping you with your modern busy life, and over stressed body. We maybe can't change our pace of life, but we can change how we react to it. We can learn how to Let it all go!

Shayli designed this course to also be Easy and Tech-Friendly! You will learn how to react differently to the world's stress, and how you can Process your Stress differently. Meditation isn't new, but using the Theta Soundtrack to get you a little faster to that zone is new. Theta is that spot between reality and sleep, Vere has put all of her guided meditations onto Theta soundtracks that she created. Forgive its quality. Vere has stated that she could not redo this series because it would lose the magic of the recordings. As an artist, Ms Vere has spent much of her attention, on the question "Where does your Creativity Come From? She then meditated for three years to clear her own 'energetic Auric Fields' This series is the outcome of her study and was her answer to how artists or other creative thinkers or ideas occure. You are a well working receiver.

All ages groups. Great for Mid Life Changes! Male and Women all like Radiant Mediation. DO YOUR EGG and connect to your Radiant Life!

This online, guided meditation course includes

● Video discussions on our spiritual and meditation path

● Questions for you to ponder in your Meditation Journal

● Downloadable Do Your Egg Meditations recordings mp3's

● Pre recorded video classes

● Written exercises

Be sure to complete all the quizzes.

Each Step in The Complete Do Your Egg meditation clears and targets different energy points or chakras in the body. Here we can balance our energies, free those issues in our way of our clear aura.

● Step One is focusing on ego, self-esteem, sexuality, personal power, creativity and personal security.

● Step Two We focus on freeing the Heart and all its blockages, We learn how to shift our focus from living in the ego;s fears and issues to living by your true heart. We can heal the old hurts and fears blocking our happy future.

● Step Three focuses on our Higher chakras and Higher Expression, freeing and connecting our intuitive abilities, connecting creative flow or collective consciousness. Here Shayli finds her answer to  Where Creativity Comes From?. Step Three is critical in understanding ourselves and connecting our ability to hear your intuitive voice.

Note on Creativity. All three steps are needed to connect to the creative stream or collective consciousness stream

After completing the Radiant Meditation Complete Do Your Egg Meditation Course, many find their depression lifted, their hearts open, they are more balanced and easy going about life and its journeys. We can find ourselves more creative and expressive.

" When creating this course, I also saw how busy everyone was and always on their iphones. I want to help our disconnection from the world but from our own inner peace, creativity and power. We can connect to our inner power to create our own Radiant Lives, ourselves, using these techniques and principles. It is up to us, this or any result requires SOME commitment. Just Start. You get what you put in. What you put in a day can be as little as 6 minutes though or you can really change your life, get committed and integrate meditation into your being.

This course is like a bridge getting us from where we are to where we know we need and want to go. This course can just help you find a little peace or a lot.

I created this online course and now you can access any time your need to all of the meditations, video lectures and written exercises. These can be done quickly or in depth. You will learn modern meditation techniques but also get basic understanding of your chakras and our issues relating to them too!

Radiant Meditation Series for beginners to advanced mediators. In Radiant Meditation we learn to radiant or free our energetic body. These are unique techniques where we work with the creative and intuitive connections. We free the power of our imagination, we do not try to quiet the mind but free it from its issues and chatter. The meditations take us through our chakras and their issues. You just move on when you are ready to move on to the next meditation or complete step.

● Learn about your energetic body, creativity and intuition.

● Learn how to ground properly with the earth and connect with your own spirit and path.

● Many have released depression, freed the mind from negative harmful thoughts and beliefs, they have ignited their hearts, passions and expression.

● Many have connected deeply with their creative spirit and expression, expanded their views and perceptions about life, their life and all life.

● Many have had spiritual and spirits experiences learned about their intuitive abilities, how to hear their inner voice or higher self, and how to communicate safely with our higher self and then other spirits and entities.

Disclaimer: This series of guided meditations are created from my own personal practice, experience with meditation and education in Metaphysics . Although I am not a health professional I have seen the benefits of these meditations in others and myself. Use at your own risk and discretion.

I am a Certified Meditation Teacher and Lightworker, currently finishing my Doctorate of Metaphysics Science. My thesis is Radiant Life and Meditation, this Course and Radiant Life Manual as well as my personal life's research of the creative intuitive connections. I have seen and lived my own great results but this is a self help course. Results are up to us. I am here as metaphysical and meditation teacher. If you need specific advice for mental health please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in that area.

It is advised that you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 9 or 10 while taking your courses as it may interfere with making a comment on your courses. Please send me an email if you can't comment. I am just an email away! Shayli

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Advanced Meditators

  • Anyone that has had problems with meditation before, especially because of mind chatter.

  • Anyone with security and abundance issues

  • Anyone with blocked creativity

  • Anyone with self esteem and identity issues

  • Anyone that has lost their passion for life

  • Anyone that wants to connect to the spirit and path

  • Anyone that wants to connect and understand their intuitive abilities

  • Anyone that wants to free their heart and creative passion

  • Spiritual Teachers that still have blockages in their body, life and chakras.

  • everyone on the planet

  • Anyone that has focus issues, stress

  • and anxiety

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