Cannabis Expert

 I am passionate about Cannabis. I always seemed to prefer Cannabis in my young wild days, then after my first depression on my doctors' advice. It changed me, healed me, inspired me and helped me to sleep. So with my kids grown up, I took a chance and started standing up for Cannabis.  ( see below) I mean I was in BC too and found a city legal dispensary with a doctor and started out as a part-time Bud Tender. I learned, studied, listened to hundreds and hundreds of people's stories and needs. With my extensive retail management background as well as experience and training as a health coach, I quickly was managing Dispensaries, assisting others with their dreams, training staff, I developed great relationships with growers and know good Cannabis. I really felt that a professional, mature, retail expert really should be working in Medical Cannabis. Sure, me! 

I am looking for Cannabis Opportunities. Please contact for more information.
My Highlights:
Certification of Terpenes and Cannabis Course, Marijuana 101 Certification, Growing Cannabis Certification
Completed PEI Cannabis Corp Cannabis Training


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